Creation residences. 2018.

Curiosity. A first exploration crossing.
Creation residencies cycle 2018.
Berlin, Germany / La Boquilla, Cartagena, Colombia


Ricardo Moreno (Colombia) [Link to project]
Elsa Salonen (Finlandia – Alemania) [Link to project]
Josefina Jacquin (Colombia – Estados Unidos)
La Radio Criolla (Colombia)


Cameras, spectrometers, radiation detectors, environmental sensors and another range of instruments are part of Curiosity, the Martian exploration rover that landed in the Gale crater of Mars a little less than six years ago. As the expectation grows to find life and habitable places in increasingly remote locations of outer space, through our residency programs we seek to feed the immediate expectation towards the opportunity to continue identifying and synchronizing vital networks, cartographies and ways of living in our own planet.
During the first semester of 2018 the pilot of El kruce residencies took place. A platform for the exchange and residency of creators and researchers, as well as the outline of collaborations with community initiatives and independent spaces. In this first experience of exchange, Puerto Contemporáneo, a program of artistic residencies located in the village of La Boquilla in Cartagena, Colombia, received in June 2018 Elsa Salonen, a Finnish artist who currently lives and works in Berlin and was invited by El Kruce to be part of this exchange of creation residencies. Furthermore, El Kruce, in collaboration with the Kunstrial e.V. artists association also based in Berlin, Germany, received for one month between March and April 2018 the Colombian artist Ricardo Moreno, who besides being part of Videocracy (ViR) –an artistic residency specialized in experimental audiovisual creation, established within the framework of the Colombian Film Festival of Berlin, Panorama Colombia 2018– also had the opportunity to show there his work in residency.
As part of our agreement with the residency program of Puerto Contemporáneo, Elsa Salonen will also have the opportunity to show the progress on her creative project during her residency in Cartagena, throughout the second semester of 2018 in Bogotá.



About Videocracy (AiR)
Program for projects and artists of video art in residency.


In tune with the Videocracy documentary made by the Italian director Erik Gandini in 2009, which analyzes the accumulation of power that television has experienced in Italy during the last three decades and the influence of these media on the behavior of the Italian population.
This residency program seeks to be a platform for artists and researchers who critically question the audiovisual medium in all its expressions of mass and local broadcasting, from television to videostreaming, the name of the residency also expresses the current democratization of the medium understanding it as increasingly active, critical and open to processes of artistic and community engagement.



Big Ear.
Sound&Radio project-in-residency program.
La Radio Criolla. Online radio station in residency.


The agreement with Puerto Contemporáneo also included the recording of two radio shows of La Radio Criolla, an online radio station of discussions and critique in contemporary art.  In the first program, a panorama of the trajectory, concept and some new proposals from the latest version of Panorama Colombia were brought, such as the exhibition of graphic installation and illustration that complemented the festival’s video art and experimental film exhibition, or the first version of the experimental audiovisual creation residencies project. The second program, featured the contribution of Colombian artists, curators and managers such as: Ana Maria Millán, Wilson Diaz, Andrés Sandoval, Esteban Rivera and Oscar Ardila. Starting from the experiences of the guests, the current condition and the historical processes of mobility and migration of Colombian artists towards Germany were shared.


Link to radio programs:
[Program 1]
[Program 2]