Nach Hause fahren (driving home).


The walker‘s infinite passage. Colombian Video art on Migration Vol. 1.


Selection of video art made for the 1st Colombian Film Festival of Berlin, Panorama Colombia. This selection made in 2015 and entitled “nach Hause fahren” (driving home), brings together the audiovisual work of thirteen Colombian artists.



“Nach Hause fahren” (driving home). The advantage of living in a permanent drive home is that the we can always get rid of what disturbs us halfway without any option to store it in the basement. In these moments of introspection and reflection while you direct yourself from one point to another, you keep thinking if you want to change or if it is possible to assimilate, you also notice if you are the way you have been told, if you resemble what you see or if you would better hide to continue your journey later on.


Wartezone (Zona de espera), Diana Menestrey, 0’23”

Proyecto Nómada. Vidas de cualquiera, Alexander Rios, 10’57”
Your / My Reflection (Tú / mí reflejo) , Ginna Velez, 4’40”
Nomaden (Nómadas) – fragmento, Silvia Ospina, 9’26”
The end of the work, Daniel Castellanos, 6’44”
Un desplazamiento del cortometraje de Akira Kurosawa Sol en medio de la lluvia como una interpretación personal de Luis Ortiz. Luis Ortiz, 13’34”
Window (Ventana), Daniel Poveda, 3’13
Eccentricity (Excentricidad), Diana Menestrey, 1’01”
Die Bahn-hofdame (La menina del metro), Katherine León & Valery Rojas, 2’04”
Autorretrato con máscara, Martha Hincapié Charry & Leo Carreño, 11’14”
Monja Rabiosa, Juan Pablo Echeverry, 3’57”
Transit Tropical (resumen) + Amanecer en la playa (Transit Tropical – Fragmento), Silvia Ospina, 15’26”
The Goddess of Water (La Diosa del Agua), Melisa Palacio López, 3’16”