What is EL KRUCE?

EL KRUCE (The Krossing) is a transdisciplinary platform for the exchange and development of projects and initiatives of artists, thinkers, creators, connoisseurs, writers, farmers, geo-ecologists, programmers, dancers, mathematicians, musicians, herbalists, anthropologists, archaeologists, museologists and in general, all those that, wherever they come from, whatever they do, with their own social acts they deeply question the colonial nature of their knowledge, their body and their being.


EL KRUCE is born on the edge of possibilities, at the meeting point between the free right to utopia and aberrant neocolonialism. That’s right, born in the framework of a neocolonial process, a post-conflict, one in which, as in all, the dynamics of peace, justice, truth, reintegration, restitution, reparation and reconciliation, concentrate on assuming a single truthfor everyone through the same dynamics of power that caused the war, the usufruct and possession of the territory around which the rest of living organisms, people, animals and ecosystems must –in any case– continue to rearrange their daily lives, always on the sidelines, always on the edge of the possibilities.


Through transdisciplinary conversation we seek to promote all those creative, collective, public acts that vindicate and give room to the architecture of utopias; the transmedial expansion of the original thought and its worldviews of territory, exchange of knowledge, preservation of the immaterial culture, the dismantling of social and political hallucinations that empower individuals for the possession of some else’s life, body and thought, as well as the natural ecosystems that constitute them; any ecological initiative that feeds the search for conscious balance in the use of all natural resources, as well as their appreciation as finite elements, biophilia,the good life, social empathy, and of course, the support of technologies that are in favor of these guidelines.