We seek to expand the experience of residency to a series of laboratories in formal and informaleducationalenvironments, namely schools, universities and communities, which without geographic limitations, through regional or international agreements, promote the creation and horizontal exchange of all kinds of knowledge: ancestral, empirical and academic.
These laboratories, which have among other topics: education and the own right (in the context of indigenous communities), collective titling, creation and conservation of seed banks, natural reserves, self-sustaining agriculture, geo-ecology, biomimicry and bio-architecture, are permanently open to people, groups and communities that lead, accompany or have the sincere interest of taking actions of appropriation or recovery of technologies, methodologies, practices and worldviews that join the restoration of ecological and social empathy, as well as to the processes of resilience both from human psychology in the framework of socio-economic post-conflicts, as well as from its ecological meaning within the foundation of environmental solastalgia and the wide adaptation processes that the current climate change and transformation of the ecosystems assume.