Residences in context

In reciprocity with the living and interactive environment that inhabits the territory, the local communities, their collectivities, groups and institutions, in attention to their memories and stories, their ways, customs, interests and self-expressed needs in terms ofboth the material and immaterial, for EL KRUCE, direct conversation and collaboration between residents and the context of each of the artistic residencies that are part of the program or that have entered into an agreement with us, is fundamental.


The interest of EL KRUCE is to strengthen its artistic residency program through an increasingly wide network of alliances and agreements with various artistic residency programs in Latin America whose motivations and processes are actively linked to the interests and guidelines of our program. In addition to these exchanges, EL KRUCE, in agreement with local organizations, has begun the preparation of a network of “residences in context” throughout Colombia, including a residency in Caloto, Cauca; Planadas, Tolima; Cartagena Del Chairá, Caquetá; Samaniego, Nariño, among other spaces that are currently being developed in the territory.